About the Hope Awards Franklin TN
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2010 Recipients


Detective Becky Johnson
Franklin Police Department

Detective Becky Johnson has been with the Franklin Police Department since 1986. She specializes in the investigation of child abuse and domestic violence. Her aggressive pursuit of those who victimize our community’s most innocent, precious members, our children, is at the very core of this law enforcement professional’s being. Detective Becky Johnson’s long-time dedication to protecting those who cannot protect themselves begins a healing process that helps to repair broken lives and brings very real hope to our community.

Becky has one son, Mason.

Firefighter Perry Phillips
Franklin Fire Department

Firefighter Perry Phillips has been with the Franklin Fire Department since October 2001. He serves at Station 2 on “A” shift. He has proven an asset to the organization for several years. Perry is not only a competent but qualified firefighter, who continues to bring a positive attitude to the workplace and inspires others to do the same. He has been actively involved in Tennessee’s Camp Phoenix, which has provided aid and recovery to burned children since 2002. He is the secretary and manages all the associated finances and insurance responsibilities to make this weeklong camp a success. Not only does he work tirelessly with no pay for this non-profit organization, but he uses personal time to work at the camp. He cooks, cleans, washes boats and even uses his own jet ski to give the kids rides on the lake. Through Firefighter Perry Phillip’s selfless actions, he has given dozens of children hope as they deal with a lifetime of burn injuries.

Perry has two children, Natalie and Austin (A.J.).

Deputy David Reiman
Williamson County Sheriff's Department

Deputy David Reiman has been with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office since June of 2009. This past year, he was instrumental in saving a life during the May flooding. He went above and beyond the call of duty by commandeering a canoe to attempt the rescue of a citizen who had been caught by the flood waters of the Harpeth River. The citizen was clinging to a tree due to the rising waters and rapid current. Deputy Reiman got into a canoe to attempt a rescue, only to have the strong current flip his canoe, spilling him into the Harpeth. He was able to grab onto a tree and had to await rescue himself. He attempted this rescue without hesitation and regard for his own safety. Deputy David Reiman is to be commended for his bravery.

David and his wife Emily have been married for five years , and have two children, Ethan & Aubrey.